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The KliK® training system sound communication


KliK® stands for German acronym and stands for " Klingende Kommunication". It allows for loud and vibrant communication in the family, in kindergartens, schools and at work!

KliK® is a training system that Emily Hess and Peter Hess® in collaboration with Dr. Christina M. Koller and Anna Avramidou developed since 2001. Not only does it arouse great interest in practice, but it also impresses with its effectiveness.

Whether it is a massage for children, group work in children's gardens or schools, as well as individually and personalized, I offer you my services as an Expert in Sound Communication.


If you require more information, contact me and we will make a FIRST appointment at NO COST, to talk about your requirements individually and personalized.

Fill out the following form and write in the content of the message which days and times would be the most appropriate for you and thus schedule an appointment.

Thank you for your interest in sound massage.

You want to know more? Leave your information and we will contact you.

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